Boys & Girls Homes of NC

As history has it, the Boys and Girls Homes was the realization of a dream that a Civitan club had. Since that time Civitans have found it in their hearts to give the support in both time and money.

Civitan Cottage, built in 1958 by the North Carolina Civitans, was the first cottage established at Boys and Girls Homes. Today it is home for eight boys. Additionally, Civitan Cottage houses the young men involved in the "Preparation for Independent Living Program." The North Carolina Civitans continue to provide financial support for the operation of the cottage and encouragement to the young men living in the cottage.

More recently the Boys and Girls Homes wanted a space that would be specific to the spritual needs of the children at the Home. This desire lead to the construction of a Chapel that allowed the children to worship on the Boys and Girls Homes campus.

To help complete the Chapel North Carolina District West committed to paying for. Over several years that commitment has been realized and the Leamon E. Rogers Chapel is complete with its stained glass windows in the Chapel, such as one of Moses.